Firewalking to Leadership with Harriet Bratt

Episode 12 January 03, 2023 00:23:57
Firewalking to Leadership with Harriet Bratt
Female Disruptors Office Hours
Firewalking to Leadership with Harriet Bratt

Jan 03 2023 | 00:23:57


Show Notes

This girl is on fire! Meet Harriet Bratt who believes all females are natural-born firewalkers; we must tap into our inner selves and go beyond fear.


Firewalking is the practice of walking barefoot over something such as hot stones or wood ashes, often as part of a traditional ceremony.


What’s the most important thing for a woman to build for herself? CONFIDENCE!


In this week’s Office Hours podcast episode, Lisa Buyer is joined by Harriet Bratt, an international speaker, trainer, and firewalk expert. Harriet powers humanity by speaking on positive psychology, leadership, and how to improve your confidence and communication.


Listen to know how to step into your power, and build confidence to communicate in any environment.


Positive Psychology and Confidence


In this episode, Harriet talks about her journey from being lost in her thirties to becoming who she is today. She also shared tips on how people can unleash their warriors within so they can speak up and shine, how external support like events, mentors, coaches, and going through the process of healing, acceptance, and understanding can help people to become good leaders and influence a positive mindset. She ended the episode with this advice, trust yourself.


“The world needs love, kindness, compassion, and empathy.” -Harriet Bratt.


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