Design the Life You Want to Live: Eda Lourdes Aguilar Tells All!

Episode 9 November 29, 2022 00:53:37
Design the Life You Want to Live: Eda Lourdes Aguilar Tells All!
Female Disruptors Office Hours
Design the Life You Want to Live: Eda Lourdes Aguilar Tells All!

Nov 29 2022 | 00:53:37


Show Notes

From finance to fashion. 


She’s a WoW Woman and Female Disruptor in fashion. Get to know how Eda Lourdes Aguilar, an Award-Winning Designer, Mother, Dancer, Rocker, transitioned her expertise from being a financial service executive to NFTs!


In this podcast episode, Eda Lourdes Aguilar rocks the hour with actionable ways to design your best life possible and some behind the scenes of her NFT collection, including Boss Beauties, WoW Pixies, Meta Angels, Giraffe Tower, Jibaros, and more. From Wall Street to Award-Winning Designer and Founder of Fashion Brand.


Navigate through Eda’s professional space!



Eda will also be a speaker at the Female Disruptors 2nd Annual Virtual Summit on January 18, 2023! She will be talking about Digital Fashion Wearables & Community Building!


Before that fun, get to know her first at the Female Disruptors Office Hours podcast!

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