Positive Psychology, AI, and Self-Love with Daniela Merlano

Episode 11 December 13, 2022 00:32:55
Positive Psychology, AI, and Self-Love with Daniela Merlano
Female Disruptors Office Hours
Positive Psychology, AI, and Self-Love with Daniela Merlano

Dec 13 2022 | 00:32:55


Show Notes

Did you know? A branch of psychology called the ‘Science of Flourishing’ studies what makes people feel a sense of meaningful life and be more resilient with life challenges.


In this Office Hours podcast episode, Lisa Buyer talked with Daniela Merlano, a positive psychologist and coach who is applying her expertise in the Web3 world. Daniela powers emotional healing and uplifts her clients through AI CLIP.


Daniela also talked about her findings through her research and studies focused on helping people reconnect with their strengths, values, and purpose. Some of these are:



Lisa experienced Daniela’s work through a session with her right before recording this podcast episode!


The Mindful Web3 and Self-Love


In this episode, Daniela shared her mission to create a more empathic world by building a Mindful Web3, a web3 with Purpose, clear values, and vision, joining like-minded people, and educating of web3 as the DNA of culture and community building.


“I want people to feel more joyful, emotionally uplifted, and have a high sense of belonging.” -Daniela Merlano.


Topics discussed:


Daniela will also be one of the speakers at the Female Disruptors' 2nd Annual Virtual Summit on January 18, 2023.


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