Namaste Yes! Shar McBee Talks Leadership with a Twist of Yoga

Episode 8 November 22, 2022 00:24:07
Namaste Yes! Shar McBee Talks Leadership with a Twist of Yoga
Female Disruptors Office Hours
Namaste Yes! Shar McBee Talks Leadership with a Twist of Yoga

Nov 22 2022 | 00:24:07


Show Notes

When the President of the United States quotes you in a speech, you know you have arrived as a Female Disruptor!


 Female Disruptors Office Hours podcast welcomes Shar McBee, CEO of Joy of Leadership and the author of “To Lead is to Serve” and “Leadership with a Twist of Yoga.” 


Quoted by President George W. Bush said that Shar’s concept of “to lead is to serve” emphasizes that if we expect others to give, we ourselves must set an example of giving.


In this episode, Lisa and Shar discussed the concept of leadership with a twist of yoga.


More about Shar McBee and her expertise:



Listen more on the episode and take notes on Shar McBee’s professional take on leadership + yoga!


Oh, and bonus! You can also meet Shar McBee as a speaker at the Female Disruptors' 2nd Annual Virtual Summit on January 18, 2023!


PLUS! She also has her own podcast you can listen to.


Shar McBee talks about #techleadership, #leadershiptraining, and #leadershipdevelopment

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